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Re: Too much metadata?

On Tue, Dec 01, 2009 at 09:21:22AM -0500, Norton Allen wrote:
> > You have to get the full pkgsrc tree, there is no support for having
> > only a subset. This is different for binary packages though.
> >   
> Has the possibility of eliminating that requirement been discussed?

In the past. Basically, it was not considered worth the trouble. There a
lot of dependencies in the tree and for many 

> I ask because I have wasted more than a day trying to get started with
> pkgsrc in order to build a single package. I was originally thwarted by
> the size of the distribution (i.e. it would be helpful if there was some
> notice somewhere of how much disk space is required.) then my filesystem
> ran out of inodes due to tons of small files. Now the host that I'm
> downloading from seems to be bandwidth limiting, and only allows my
> about 30 seconds of download before stopping.

You can kick start the process by getting the pkgsrc.tar.gz or whatever
it is called from I forgot if the numbers where ever
included in the guide or not.

Overall size of the main tree is in the area of 420MB with 15k inodes
used, YMMV.


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