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Question about pkgsrc

Hi all,

I know next to nothing about pkgsrc internals, however ive had an idea for a 
project. The idea is to create a website that tracks whether package 
successfuly compiles and installs on a platform, so that when you run "make" 
it curl's a particular page on the website for all of the dependant packages 
and warns you that some packages have been reported as failures before you 
possible install 100 packages (ie gnome) to find out 5 hours later that 
package 99 fails. 

If a package fails, a user may have an option to run something like: make 
report-failure (and thus warn other users), or make report-success to report 
a success. 

Whether pkgsrc reports a package as a failure could follow a simple logic to 
avoid mistakes: if (failure_count > success_count) printf("Show error!");

Any ideas where to start looking?


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