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Re: Flash under amd64

Cem Kayali / E Ticaret ve Bilisim Teknolojileri wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm now dealing with a project such that gnash does not support its
> flash part of it. I would like to continue to work on my NetBSD 5.0.1
> amd64 machine.
> I have tried Opera and Adobe Flash 10... it works but without sound
> though i've installed libflashsuport. Is there anyone who can run
> Adobe Flash without problem on NetBSD 5+ amd64?
> Regards,
> Cem

Hi there! I'm running NetBSD 5+ / amd64. Try installing
multimedia/libflashsupport-pulse. Does your sound work properly? It
might be you have some sound driver problems...

A few months ago I had the same problem. I installed some packages and
everything worked fine. BTW: Make sure you run "nspluginwrapper -a -i -u".

Victor Dorneanu

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