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Re: multimedia/gstreamer0.10 problems on Sparc Solaris

 > I can't build gstreamer0.10 on Sparc Solaris with Sun compilers:
 > [ ... ]
 > "parse.l", line 5: cannot find include file: <glib/gprintf.h>
 > "../gst_private.h", line 36: cannot find include file: <glib.h>
 > "../../gst/gstplugin.h", line 32: cannot find include file: <gmodule.h>
 > "../../gst/gstobject.h", line 29: cannot find include file:
 > <glib-object.h>
 > .. and so on
 > Any ideas why glib2 include files are not found?

gstreamer assumes that your cpp is the gnu cpp and that 'cpp -v' will
spit out information, most notably the compiler/preprocessor's include
path (ie, /usr/include).  This causes configure to choke when its trying
to figure out CFLAGS and it ends up leaving off what is needed to find
glib-2.  I'm not entirely clear why they would want to do this, but
I haven't given it much thought.

The attached patch can be dropped into patches/patch-ae, and
'bmake makepatchsum' will make it pass the checksum tests.

It should be innocuous enough to be send-pr'd, but I haven't tested it on
anything but opensolaris so am holding off.  (Although I'd rather discern
a more portable approach and submit it upstream; I'm slowly slogging through
a bunch of my typically used packages)..



grok sun cpp 

--- configure.ORIG      2009-11-14 02:31:42.000000000 +0000
+++ configure   2009-11-14 02:32:05.000000000 +0000
@@ -24152,7 +24152,7 @@
   INCLUDE_DIRS=`echo | cpp -v 2>&1`
-      INCLUDE_DIRS=`echo $INCLUDE_DIRS | sed -e 's/.*<...> search starts 
here://' | sed -e 's/End of search list.*//'`
+      INCLUDE_DIRS=`echo $INCLUDE_DIRS | sed -e 's/.*<...> search starts 
here://' | sed -e 's/End of search list.*//' | grep -v '^unknown'`
   for dir in $INCLUDE_DIRS; do
         GIVEN_CFLAGS=`echo $GIVEN_CFLAGS | sed -e "s#-I$dir ##"`

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