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x11/py-sip on MacOS X/Darwin fails:

Has anybody successfully built x11/py-sip on MacOS X (in particular 10.6.1)? I'm trying to install py-qt4.

This is SIP 4.8.2 for Python 2.6.2 on darwin.
The SIP code generator will be installed in /usr/pkg/bin.
The SIP module will be installed in /usr/pkg/lib/python2.6/site- packages.
The SIP header file will be installed in /usr/pkg/include/python2.6.
The default directory to install .sip files in is /usr/pkg/share/sip2.6.
The platform/compiler configuration is macx-g++.
Creating top level Makefile...
Creating sip code generator Makefile...
An internal error occured. Please report all the output from the program,
including the following traceback, to
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 415, in <module>
  File "", line 406, in main
  File "", line 264, in create_makefiles
File "/private/tmp/obj/x11/py-sip/work/sip-4.8.2/", line 1063, in generate
File "/private/tmp/obj/x11/py-sip/work/sip-4.8.2/", line 1855, in generate_macros_and_rules
    Makefile.generate_macros_and_rules(self, mfile)
File "/private/tmp/obj/x11/py-sip/work/sip-4.8.2/", line 1106, in generate_macros_and_rules
    if sys.platform == "darwin" and self.config.qt_framework:
File "/private/tmp/obj/x11/py-sip/work/sip-4.8.2/", line 180, in __getattr__ raise AttributeError("\"%s\" is not a valid configuration value or user option" % name) AttributeError: "qt_framework" is not a valid configuration value or user option
*** Error code 1

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