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Re: nginx versions

On 10/28/09 14:50, Filip Hajny wrote:
I see these nginx versions in pkgsrc currently:

www/nginx, version 0.5.35nb1
wip/nginx, version 0.6.39
wip/nginx-devel, version 0.7.16nb1

Looking at the official site, www/nginx should be at 0.7.63, www/nginx-
devel at 0.8.21, and anything<0.7 gone really.

Any particular reason for the current state other than nobody having
updated the packages in a long time? I have a developer access app
pending currently, but have a staging copy of www/nginx updated to
0.7.x with options framework greatly expanded to cover optional
modules etc., so could take care of this in a bit. Just trying to see
if all it takes is one guy to do it.

I think it just needs someone to do it. At least i dont see any reason why shouldnt it updated.

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