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Re: Package binaries for SunOS-5.9/sparc / pkgsrc-current

"Larson, Timothy E." <> writes:

>> report.html
> Looks like libffi-3.0.8nb2 caused a HUGE amount of breakage.  However, I 
> built nb1 on my Sol9 system.  (Must have been somewhat recently, too, since I 
> haven't moved the package over to my website yet.)  And I just now finished a 
> successful build of nb2.  You might want to take a look at your environment 
> to see what caused this to fail for you.

libffi requires GCC. If you're using SUNpro compiler, it fails, causing overall 

While here, can anyone explain me what is correct way to request using
GCC compiler to build package?


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