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Re: wip/libmemcached problem (and patch)

On 13.10.2009, at 20:28, Louis Guillaume wrote:

=> Verifying package for ../../wip/libmemcached
make: "/usr/pkgsrc/wip/libmemcached/Makefile" line 37: Malformed conditional (${ABI} != 64)
make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/wip/libmemcached
*** Error code 1

I believe this is failing because I don't define ABI explicitly on my machine. This fixes it...

That is my fault. I assumed ABI before confirming it's actually set at all times. I removed the check completely, because it doesn't make much sense really. This will need to be handled better obviously.

For now, update your wip checkout to get the fixed version.


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