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ImageMagick and ghostscript?

[pls cc me on replies - I'm not subscribed]

I've used ImageMagick and ghostscript for years, but not together.

With v6, ImageMagick appears to rely on ghostscript to handle text

Unfortunately I have not found the trick to getting ghostscript-8.64nb3
to find any fonts.  (I have ghostscript-fonts-8.11nb2 installed).

ktrace shows it finding its Fontmap, but never
successfully loading Fontmap.GS, also of the font dirs that
gs -h says it will search:

Search path:
   . : %rom%Resource/Init/ : %rom%lib/ :
   /usr/pkg/share/ghostscript/8.64/Resource/Init :
   /usr/pkg/share/ghostscript/8.64/lib :
   /usr/pkg/share/ghostscript/8.64/Resource/Font :
   /usr/pkg/share/ghostscript/fonts :
   /usr/pkg/share/fonts/default/ghostscript :
   /usr/pkg/share/fonts/default/Type1 :
   /usr/pkg/share/fonts/default/TrueType : /usr/lib/DPS/outline/base :
   /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/Type1 : /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType

only /usr/pkg/share/ghostscript/fonts is valid - but does not contain
anything that it ever looks for in there (it is looking for Type1/ etc).

BTW if I edit Fontmap to contain the full path of Fontmap.GS, it does
read it, but that doesn't appear to help.

Clues most welcome - I'd like to be able to move on from ImageMagic v5.

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