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Re: Help with apache PKG_OPTIONS handling

On 12 Oct 2009 Ulrich Habel wrote:

>  Hi Paul,
>  rhaen@x11:~/Development/pkgsrc/www/apache22$ grep apach ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf
>  PKG_OPTIONS.apache=       apache-shared-modules suexec
>  rhaen@x11:~/Development/pkgsrc/www/apache22$ pwd
>  ~/Development/pkgsrc/www/apache22
>  rhaen@x11:~/Development/pkgsrc/www/apache22$ bmake show-options
>  Any of the following general options may be selected:
>          apache-shared-modules   Build all modules as shared for apache22.
>          suexec
>  These options are enabled by default:
>  These options are currently enabled:
>          apache-shared-modules suexec
>  That's a good question. I am using this on a fresh checkout of pkgsrc
>  without any problems. Could you try and update your sources? I am not
>  sure if the small "=+"  does the trick.
>  Cheers
>  Uli

I started a cvs update but, that was done a few days ago so the source is
only a few days old at worst.

I have two systems one was a fresh NetBSD-5.0 install, this works correctly
on that system.

The other was an upgrade from 3.1 to 5.0, this is failing on that system.
Apparently the 3.1 => 5.0 has yet another problem with the upgrade?


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