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www/py-moin doesn't work


I tried to use www/py-moin from pkgsrc and it didn't work.
"mointwisted start" compained about wrong number of arguments to
__init__ somewhere inside.

First I updated net/py-twisted to 8.2.0 but that didn't help. So I
updated py-moin itself to 1.8.5 and got it to work.

Since I'm not a pkgsrc developer I don't know the right way to make
sure that generated PLIST and stuff are OK.
So I don't include diff here. But all I've done is the change of the
versions in makefiles, "make distinfo" and "make print-PLIST".

Maybe these packages should be updated in pkgsrc? pkgsrc-Q3 is frozen,
so maybe at least in Q4?

Alexey Lebedev.

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