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Re: Problem with rolling replace

On 16/09/2009 5:10 AM, Paul Newhouse wrote:
On 12/09/2009 7:13 PM, Paul Newhouse wrote:
NetBSD 5.0, pkgsrc 2009Q2

I'm confusedL

===>   www/zopeedit
===>   Cleaning for zopeedit-0.7nb2
make: don't know how to make replace. Stop

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc
*** 'make replace' failed for package py25-expat.
*** Please read the errors listed above, fix the problem,
*** then re-run pkg_rolling-replace to continue.

py25-expat does not appear in my pkgsrc distribution.
How do I determine why rolling replace wants to replace it?

  For when you do use rolling replace, make sure you have your
  PYTHON_DEFAULT_VERSION set to 24 if you have zope. Rolling replace will
  remove _all_ your _required_ py24 dependencies and replace them with py25.

Ok, thanks for the heads up.  Are the py25 packages not ready for zope,
zope not ready for py25 or ...?


Zope. From memory they had no intention to adapt it to the later version. This may have changed but the stance was pretty firm last I checked, which kinda sucks.


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