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Re: xfce 4.6

On Tue, 15 Sep 2009, Patrick Reich wrote:

> Just wanted to check on the xfce 4.6 import.  I found some list
> traffic back in May/June but nothing since then and pkgsrc
> proper remains at 4.4.3.  I found Dieter's tarball for 4.6.1
> Are there plans to pull this in soon?

My wife's system has been running with the previous 4.6.0 since April 1.

I am now starting to build the xfce-4.6.1 (on different system) using 
Dieter's changes plus some I have. If it completes, I will start 
committing/importing. It sure is a lot of changes. I will reply back when 
I work on it (hopefully today).

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