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Re: Xen33 Xorg in dom0

Hi Juergen,

On Sat, Sep 05, 2009 at 10:30:49PM +0200, Juergen Buchmueller wrote:
> However, the radeonhd driver of XOrg doesn't detect any video memory.
> If I specify some amount of memory in xorg.conf, it hits an assertion
> with some CursorMem == -1. If I then enable the software cursor, I end
> up with the driver not finding a useable video output path... seems to
> be an endless sequence of problems.

I dont have a radeonhd driver, capable video card but with my ATI 9100IGP
(radeon) it works fine. Could it be that your config is not having the lines
that allow X to work on generic? (security)

with regards,

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