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openssh / utmp syslog messages

Hi folks,


Since installing openssh-5.2.1 from pkgsrc on a 4.0.1 system, I've been receiving the following in my secure.log:

Aug 27 20:47:10 glacier sshd[13159]: utmp_write_direct: tty not found
Aug 27 20:47:10 glacier sshd[13159]: utmp_perform_login: utmp_write_direct() failed

The source code for loginrec.c shows iteration over /etc/ttys, via getttyent():

#if defined(HAVE_GETTTYENT)
        struct ttyent *ty;

        while (NULL != (ty = getttyent())) {
if (!strncmp(ty->ty_name, ut->ut_line, sizeof(ut->ut_line)))

        if (NULL == ty) {
                logit("%s: tty not found", __func__);
                return (0);
#else /* FIXME */

Since /etc/ttys has not pty entries, each ssh login and logout causes the syslog entries.

Since I find relevant references via google, I've presuming this was a config issue on my end. Now, I'm not so sure. Is anyone else seeing this?

If so, perhaps openssh should be configured with --disable-utmp ?

Thanks in advance,

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