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Re: firefox3{,.5} and external apps for various mime types

On Thu, 27 Aug 2009 09:57:39 +1200
Mark Davies <> wrote:

> Hi,
>    firefox 2 used to work out what external application to offer to 
> launch for a given mime type (eg openoffice for application/msword) 
> using the information in /usr/pkg/share/applications/ via a call to a 
> function in a dynamically loaded (if it exists).
> In firefox3 and firefox3.5 this doesn't happen.  As far as I can see 
> its now trying to do the same thing via D-Bus calls but I don't speak 
> D-Bus well enough to work out what its actually trying to do and see 
> why its failing.
> So is this working for anyone?  Any clues on how to track this down?
> cheers
> mark

dbus is actually disabled in firefox's Makefile.
Remove the --disable-dbus and and include the dbus If that
makes things work for you, I don't mind enabling it by default. I bet
dbus is already an implicit dependency from some other package anyway.


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