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pbulk, PKG_OPTIONS, and /nonexistent

Hello. When doing a pbulk build I use both limited_list as well as a set of 
PKG_OPTIONS in the "inner" pkgsrc setup in a mk.conf file.

I think this is not working right with pbulk. The shining examples are with 
packages that I've "turned on" support for mysql for. E.g. sysutils/bacula and 
www/py-django. When it gets to these packages it tries build/resolve the mysql 
dependency but then says this:

=> Build dependency libtool-base>=1.5.18nb5: found libtool-base-1.5.26nb2
=> Full dependency mysql-client>=5.0.67: NOT found
=> Verifying /nonexistent for ../../databases/mysql5-client
bmake: don't know how to make /nonexistent. Stop

bmake: stopped in ...

So: did I miss something in the configuration? Is this not supported? Did I do 
something wrong?

Any help appreciated!

- Jesse

Jesse Peterson <>

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