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Re: Scanning during bulk builds

Stathis Kamperis schrieb:
Hi people.

Anyone has a clue what exactly pbulk is doing when it says that it is
'Scanning...' ?

Before the real work of building the packages, pbulk first goes through all package directories and collects some basic information:

- What's the package name and version?
- What are its dependencies?
- Which variants exist (ap13/ap2/ap22, py23/py24/py25/py26, php4/php5)?
- May it be uploaded on an FTP server?

All these informations are collected in the 'Scanning...' phase. They are collected in memory only, and when everything went fine, they are written to disk. That's why you don't see any progress in the log/meta directory.

After scanning all the packages, they are ordered so that packages without dependencies are built first, then packages with only a few dependencies, and finally KDE and GNOME.


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