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A more efficiet way to update packages.


At the end of

it says

Keeping your packages up to date can be a tedious job. For instance,
to upgrade a package you would go to the package directory, build the
package, deinstall the old package , install the new package, and then
clean up after the build. Imagine doing that for five packages,
tedious right? This was a large problem for system administrators to
deal with, and now we have utilities which do this for us. For
instance the pkg_chk utility will do everything for you!

pkg_chk requires a few steps in order to work correctly. They are listed here.

# pkg_chk -g # make initial list of installed packages
# pkg_chk -r  # remove all packages that are not up to date and
packages that depend on them
# pkg_chk -a  # install all missing packages (use binary packages,
this is the default
# pkg_chk -as # install all missing packages (build from source)

The problem with that is even though the package is deletes using

# pkg_chk -r

immediately, the installation of that package might be very late (
depending on the order of updating )

Is there any way to delete a package and its dependencies and then
update the package and its dependencies and then go forward and delete
the next one and its dependencies?



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