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Correct environment to bulkbuild (pbulk)

Hi all,

I recently set up a virtual machine with NetBSD 5.0 to make bulkbuilds
(pbulk), in which I installed all sets (incluing X11 - xcomp, xbase,

Almost all packages were successfully built. The problem, though, came
when I got some of the generated binary packages and installed then in
another NetBSD box without X. elinks, for example, looks for libexpat
and mldonkey looks for libfontconfig. Since both come with X, pkgsrc
didn't compiled them as a dependency for those packages.

If I delete files from X sets, these packages build fine, including
dependencies that should come with X (libexpat, libfontconfig, etc.),
but I can't compile packages that depend fully on X (specially GUI
ones), like firefox and xpdf.

I didn't find anything related about this problem in the guide,
mail-index nor wiki.

So, what environment should I use? How binary packages from NetBSD ftp
are built?

Thank you very much.

Silas Silva

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