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Postfix compiling woes

Hi folks,

I am using pkgsrc 2009Q2, and I tried to compile postfix with cyrus sasl support. This is what I did:

I added this into /etc/mk.conf:

I cd'd into /usr/pkgsrc/mail/postfix and called "make package".
In /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All I found as expected:

I additionally "make package"'d cyrus-saslauthd because I do not want to use sasldb.

I transferred these packages to another machine without pkgsrc (NetBSD 5.01, minimal install + manual additions like nano, sudo, etc.) and pkg_add'd them.

Now the weirdness starts:
I start the newly installed (and configured) postfix using
   /usr/pkg/sbin/postfix start
and in the logs postfix states
postfix/master[3016]: daemon started -- version 2.5.4, configuration /usr/pkg/etc/postfix Have a look at the version, please - I installed 2.6.2, but 2.5.4 is starting.

Next is I get
   warning: unsupported SASL server implementation: cyrus
in the logs (with smtpd throttling) although cyrus-sasl is a dependency of this postfix package I made; verified with pkg_info:

I have revisited the steps I took and I do not see where my fault could be. Any hint or help is appreciated.


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