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Re: long time firefox & thunderbird problems

Tobias Nygren wrote:
> I think this is caused by GConf. Unfortunately I have NFC how that
> stuff works or what it's even supposed to accomplish. All I know is that
> firefox does a dlopen() on (evil++ given that it's not
> even a dependency of the package) and that this is what in turn launches
> dbus. You can try to move away* from /usr/pkg/lib,
> chances are things might work then.

   I tried this, but unfortunately it didn't seem to help. I did ktruss
firefox, and it appeared to stop just after loading some so-file. I
can't remember which right now, but it wasn't libgconf-2.

   Everything works with xfce4. I tried it for a while. Now I'm running
fluxbox and I'm quite happy with it. It would appear to be some
WindowMaker problem. Quite unfortunate, I really liked WindowMaker. But
I'm quickly growing fond of fluxbox, so I may simply stick with it instead.

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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