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Re: lang/gcc compile error

* Bernd Ernesti <> [2009-08-11 07:22:26 +0200]:

> On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 02:56:47PM +1000, Sarton O'Brien wrote:
> [..]
> > Have you done a make clean after installing the comp.tgz?
> That and reinstalling libfool, ahem libtool-base if it is
> allready installed.
> Bernd

It was my mistake.

When i installed minimal from cd, without compile lools, i try to compile
zsh and bash. When i add com.tgz and try again.

make clean on shells/bash cleaning bash bot not his dependendes like
devel/gtexinfo as it is in ports freebsd.

#>cd /usr/pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgclean
#>make install

and all is works!


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