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Using pkgsrc on OSF1 (was: Re: The pkgsrc-2009Q2 Branch)

Alexey Lebedev schrieb:
> What is the standard way to start using pkgsrc on Tru64 UNIX (OSF1) with gcc?
> Almost all versions of gcc are built (bootstrapped) under Tru64. And
> pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap script with --compiler gcc and right
> CC/CXX/CPP envs succeeds. But when trying to install anything the
> circular dependancy appears. pkgsrc doesn't want to use external gcc,
> so it tries to build the one from lang/gcc but fails because it
> depends on pkgtools/digest and so on.

Do you use a locale other than LC_ALL=C? Maybe that's the reason. Please
try the following:

1. bmake clean clean-depends
2. LC_ALL=C bmake

If it works, please tell me.


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