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Re: Further updates to audio/musicpd

Hi Matthias,

I might care about this because I did the last mpd update.

Wrt the libshout change: Did you verify that no other
pkg using this library needs the old libshout-config
script? The commit messages don't tell a reason why
pkg-config was disabled, but surely there was one.

You're right, I forgot to verify the other pkg depending on libshout were not broken. I'll do it as soon as I got home (I'm away till Sunday).

Can you point me to a quick introduction how to
set up a minimal shoutcast server? Which clients
work well? (simple command line clients preferred)
How to configure mpd to feed the shoutcast server?
I just want to verify that everything works
before I commit.

Of course. Command-line client of choice is audio/ncmpc. For shoutcast/Musicpd setup, I think I used this documentation (in French, not sure it's useful): ultime. Documentation in English can be found on the musicpd wiki: (see the 'See also' in the Audio Outputs: Icecast chapter).

In case, I can provide my config files on Sunday, when I got home.

best regards


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