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Re: Do buld-deps persist after the build ?

2009/7/22 Joerg Sonnenberger <>:
> On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 11:53:58AM +0300, Stathis Kamperis wrote:
>> I've tried to build wm/awesome and, to my surprise, it started pulling
>> in doxygen (let's say it's ok) and .. texlive (doh!). I checked the
>> Makefile and those seem to be build dependencies, presumingly for
>> building the documentation ? Anyway, my question is whether pkgsrc
>> will automatically remove the build dependencies that pulled in,
>> during the build process of a package, after the build finishes.
> No. How should it know that the next package you will build doesn't want
> to use the same? You can use pkgtools/pkg_leaves to identify unused
> automatically installed packages.
> Joerg
Thanks Joerg, I'll try pkg_leaves !


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