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pr 41017 - apache-2.2.11 broken on NetBSD 5_RC2


I just filed this PR...

Here's the gist of the problem. Pkgsrc is up-to-date on the 2008Q4 tag. No special options for apache2 or apr.

$ pkg_info|egrep "(apr|apache)"
apr-1.3.3           Apache Portable Runtime
apr-util-1.3.4nb1   Apache Portable Runtime utilities
apache-2.2.11       Apache HTTP (Web) server, version 2
ap22-php5-5.2.8nb1  Apache (apache22) module for PHP5

$ sudo /etc/rc.d/apache start
Starting apache.
/usr/pkg/sbin/httpd: Undefined PLT symbol "apr_socket_accept_filter" (symnum = 1532)

... any help would be great.


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