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Re: download-vulnerabilities-list, audit-packages and PKGVULNDIR

On Aug 3,  9:57am, "Sarton O'Brien" wrote:
} My pkgsrc is on NFS and up until recently, I was downloading the 
} vulnerabilities list to within the pkgsrc mount and using 
} /etc/audit-packages.conf to specify PKGVULNDIR so that the download was 
} only required once between all NFS clients.
} I've checked the pkgsrc docs (docs/pkgsrc.txt) and UPDATING in /usr/src 
} but I can't see anything indicating to me that I will need to 
} accommodate any pkgsrc related changes for this scenario.
} Does anyone know why this isn't working and where I need to specify the 
} vulnerabilities file?

     download-vulnerabilities-list and audit-packages are now wrappers
around pkg_admin.  See pkg_install.conf(5) (man pkg_install.conf) for
information on how to configure them now.

}-- End of excerpt from "Sarton O'Brien"

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