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===> Installing for policykit-0.9nb3
=> Running PRE-INSTALL script actions
policykit-0.9nb3: Creating user ``polkit''
pwd_mkdb: databases are laid out according to an old version
pwd_mkdb: re-build the databases without -u
useradd: Can't add user `polkit': pw_mkdb failed
The following users need to be created for policykit-0.9nb3:

        polkit: polkit, /nonexistent, /sbin/nologin


So, I created /nonexistent, see that a polkit group has been created, and
am about to create a polkit user, but it would be nice to know what the
system tried to create... (I would guess home directory /nonexistent,
shell /sbin/nologin, rather than users of those names ;-) )



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