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Using PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=user-destdir?

I'm trying to modify some packages to use PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT.  I
confess that I am not certain what I'm supposed to do.  As best I can
tell, it's one of the following:

a) If the package seems to have used automake/autoconf -- that is, there
are and lying around $WRKDIR after I do a 'make
extract'; when I run 'make configure', I see that Makefile has been
built -- I do nothing; it will all happen automagically.  (No special
uids, gids, or chowns are needed for the packages I'm looking at.)

b) If there are no such signs, write a 'do-install:' rule in the pkgsrc
Makefile, rather than relying on the install rule in the package's own
Makefile.  Alternatively, modify that to use DESTDIR.

                --Steve Bellovin,

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