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Re: frozen-bubble-2.2.0

Leonardo Taccari wrote:
Hello to all pkgsrc users,
recently I added a new package to pkgsrc-wip, wip/frozen-bubble.
It contains the latest stable version of frozen-bubble, the 2.2.0
(based on the Lubomir Sedlacik's (salo@) games/frozen-bubble package).

If you have 5 minutes free and if you like this game (and you DO NOT
have installed devel/SDL_Pango, frozen-bubble need a patched SDL_Pango),
please test it.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

Hi Leonardo --

pkgsrc is currently frozen in preparation for the pkgsrc-2008Q4 branch. Can you file a PR so this request doesn't get lost?

Thanks and Merry Christmas back to you!

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