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Re: Update wm/pekwm to 0.1.9a

On Wed 24 Dec 2008 at 11:02:15 +0100, Guillaume Lasmayous wrote:
> verifypc told me libXft and libXrandr were not direct dependencies, so I
> thought they could be removed. In my particular case, it works. But this
> may not be wise to remove them in fact, to be able to handle NetBSD-4.0
> with modular xorg from pkgsrc for instance.
> PR is submitted without removing those two.

I think there should be a serious cleanup regarding indirect
dependencies. They used to be all listed in pkgsrc but they (or most of
them?) got cleaned up fortunately. Shared libraries that depend on other
shared libraries automatically pull them in, there is no need to link
the main program with the indirect dependencies.

However, packages that have ".pc"-files still tend to include indirect
dependencies in their link command lines, so they come back to haunt you

Including indirect dependencies is bad, because if library A depends on
B, it is (or should be) an implementation detail whether B depends on P,
Q or R, or all of them. Pluggable backends may mean that this can even
change over time. Users of B have no business knowing such intimate
details of B's personal life.

I came to that conclusion before in the thread starting at .

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