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issues with .bulk_db?

Idly poking around whilst my system does another bulk build and I
noticed that the .bulk_db appears to have snippets of shell script code
in it ... this doesn't seem to fit with the general format of the file
(unless I'm way off and this is intentional):

For example:

|depends net/p5-Net-Daemon   perl>=5.8.7:../../lang/perl5
|build_depends net/p5-Net-Daemon
|conflicts net/p5-Net-Daemon
|index net/p5-Net-Daemon p5-Net-Daemon-0.43
|htmlname net/p5-Net-Daemon <a
|homepage net/p5-Net-Daemon
|wildcard net/p5-Net-Daemon p5-Net-Daemon-[0-9]*
|comment net/p5-Net-Daemon Perl5 module for writing networking daemons
|license net/p5-Net-Daemon
|onlyfor net/p5-Net-Daemon any
|notfor net/p5-Net-Daemon any
|if [ -n "" ]; then                                       echo "owner
net/p5-Net-Daemon ";                        |else                       
                                    echo "maintainer net/p5-Net-Daemon";            fi
|maintainer net/p5-Net-Daemon
|categories net/p5-Net-Daemon net perl5
|descr net/p5-Net-Daemon net/p5-Net-Daemon/DESCR
|prefix net/p5-Net-Daemon /usr/local

... this is pkgsrc from the 2008Q3 bundle, but I seem to recall seeing
this also in 2008Q2 as well ... 

Malcolm Herbert                                This brain intentionally                                                left 

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