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GNOME status update: GNOME Desktop completely packaged; and TODOs


All the gnome-desktop packages are now in pkgsrc or wip.
The one in wip is vinagre, which is there because it core dumps on the
first connection attempt. It depends on gtk-vnc, which tries to do
something with coroutines which I guess fails. It would be good if
someone could look at this.
Except for vinagre, only gdm needs updating.

Of course, that doesn't mean everything's working, the GNOME todo list
is at

Feel free to add entries, or even better, fix some of them!

Here's the current list from the link above for those who want to
avoid clicking a link ;)

* HAL support (jmcneill is working on this)
* avahi
     * wip/avahi needs testing
     * a few GNOME packages support it, it should be enabled there (compile 
* epiphany
     * trouble with JavaScript or forms? (see bug report)
* esound
     * daemon not started automatically
* gdm
     * needs updating to latest version, but has lots of patches that should be 
* gnome-nettool
     * highly unstable, hangs after first program run
* gnome-system-monitor
     * display of the graph eats all CPU (too short/long sleep(3)?)
     * "writable memory" value too high
* gtk2
     * latest gtk2 uses libtool2, there is a compilation problem with that
     * need to add libtool2 support to pkgsrc?
* libgtop
     * pkgsrc changes need to be integrated upstream
* vinagre
     * packaged in wip;
     * core dumps during first connection, problem in gtk-vnc?
* meta-pkg/c++-gnome-bindings
     * some dependencies not up-to-date (see its Makefile)
* meta-pkg/gnome
     * gdm not up-to-date
     * vinagre only in wip (see above)
* meta-pkg/gnome-admin
     * none of its dependencies packaged yet (see its Makefile)
* meta-pkg/gnome-devtool
     * not all dependencies packaged yet (see its Makefile)
* meta-pkg/gnome-mobile
     * not all dependencies packaged yet (see its Makefile)
* meta-pkg/p5-gnome-bindings
     * not all dependencies packaged yet (see its Makefile)


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