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Re: pkg/37127 (ElectricFence fails on Linux)

Is there anybody interested in electric-fence?

If yes, please have a look at pkg/37127.
Patch implementing the following things is provided:

 - building on Linux fixed (PR itself)
 - update from encient version to the latest one (according to its home page).
 - tested under NetBSD-4/x86 and Linux/x86 - both works (not only build) fine.
 - In many Linux distros efence is built
   as a dinamic libraries. This allows you to check your applications
   without recompiling and relinking using LD_PRELOAD or analog.
   My patch uses libtool for making .so library.

This PR is more than year old, and I think it's time to fix it.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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