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codeblocks ptreads error


Im trying to get some applications to work.

kephra (on standby)

And several more (i think it was upto 8-10 packages)

They are depending on either wxwidgets (>2.8)
or wxpython also i think version >2.8.

wxwidgets was straight forward.
but i had to get wxGTK, wxX11 i couldnt get to compile properly.

Codeblocks errored out with some phtread error.
Which i traced to these lines.

prefix.cpp: in codeblock source
        /* Change 1 to 0 if you don't want pthread support */
        #define BR_PTHREADS 1
#endif /* BR_PTHREADS */
/* Pthread stuff for thread safetiness */

#include <pthread.h>

static pthread_key_t br_thread_key;
#ifdef __FreeBSD__
static pthread_once_t br_thread_key_once = {0, (pthread_mutex_t)NULL};//PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT;
static pthread_once_t br_thread_key_once = PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT;

Are there any netbsd thread experts that could suggest how to fix this.
what should it look like for netbsd pthreads, i fixed it temporarily, by
setting #define BR_PTHREADS 0.


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