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Re: Testers required: glib2 Solaris fix

* On 2008-11-25 at 17:30 GMT, Jörn Clausen wrote:

> I just tried to remove this patch on two Solarises 10
> (Generic_120012-14 and Generic_137111-07, whenever that is), one using
> the combination gcfss with glib2-2.18.0 from 2008Q3, the other one
> using lang/gcc34 with glib2-2.18.2 from CVS. Both fail with
> [..]
> I am quite sure I compiled glib2-2.18.0 (i.e. from 2008Q3) on one of
> these machines with Sun Studio 12 without any problems.

Hmm, thanks.  I wonder if something has changed with Studio12 recently
or sol10u6, as I also needed to patch (from 2008Q3) to use
-xc99=all,no_lib (same as sol8/9 use) as -xc99 now produces:

  cc: -xc99=lib is not available on SunOS 5.10

But given the fact you mention it also breaks with GCC means it's a
no-go anyway.  Will need to keep digging...


Jonathan Perkin                                     The NetBSD Project             

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