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Re: improve DESTDIR?

> On Sun, 23 Nov 2008 23:57:08 +0900, Aleksey Cheusov 
> <> wrote:

 >> pkg/39981 [non-critical/medium]:
 >>         audio/id3: destdir support (patch)
 >> pkg/39982 [non-critical/medium]:
 >>         benchmark/ubench: destdir support (patch)
 >> pkg/39983 [non-critical/medium]:
 >>         [patch] destdir support for fonts/intlfonts
 >> pkg/39985 [non-critical/medium]:
 >>         [patch] destdir support for wm/icewm
 >> pkg/40000 [non-critical/medium]:
 >>         [patch] destdir support for www/w3m

> At least, for audio/id3 and benchmark/ubench,
> already have a patch for install target of Makefile.
> So, should not do such a quick hack, modify the patch instead.
I personally prefer not to patch upstream sources unless it is really
needed. In my view, setting everything from the outside is much better
solution than patching sources. In most cases upstream Makefiles are
ready for this.

Instead of audio/id3/patches/patch-aa I whould prefer do-install
target in audio/id3/Makefile.

The same for benchmark/ubench/patches/patch-aa.  Handwritten
do-install target is much easier solution for these two small
packages.  Commenting CFLAGS=, CC= etc. in upstream Makefiles is
also disputable. Again, setting these vars from pkgsrc is simplier
to code and maintain.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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