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Re: Becoming MAINTAINER for pkgsrc/shells/osh?

> I do not remember seeing any mention of this in "The pkgsrc guide",
> but I could have missed it.
> Since I am the upstream developer/maintainer of osh, may I become
> the MAINTAINER for the pkgsrc/shells/osh package?  It is currently
> assigned to .
> I am getting ready to submit a PR for a package update today or
> tomorrow and thought the MAINTAINER question was worth asking.
> Jeff

The main requirements:

- Be able to test on pkgsrc system.

- NetBSD as platform is not required, but you should be willing to adapt 
  the package as appropriate for NetBSD.

- Also be willing to work with other pkgsrc platforms, especially 

- Usually be willing to work with end-users who submit problem reports.

- Don't upgrade the package to beta or testing versions (unless it is 
  specifically noted to be a testing package.)

- Usually be willing to submit changes, suggestions and improvements 
  upstream.  (That will be easy for you :)

If you don't have commit access you can send diffs via a gnats PR or 
contact a developer to work with.

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