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Re: Problem with depending on sysutils/file

OBATA Akio wrote:

Change sysutils/file/ to detect version of builtin file package
if you are really want to avoid pick up old builtin version.

Fixed this and submitted in pkg/39596.
Maybe you could take a look if I did it well - how it's expected for pkgsrc.

The next problem is, if I simply install sysutils/file and install my
File::Magic module, it links against /opt/pkgsrc/lib/ and
displays a dynamic linker error, when this file
is not available (but /usr/lib64/ is).

This seems a problem with something in mk/wrapper/ - I hope I can catch someone like Joerg to get it fixed for AIX.

I don't know you File::Magic module, but why you can not use 

Well, I found a File::LibMagic (pkg submitted in pkg/39597 *gg*), which put's a perl-wrapper around libmagic.

Best regards and thanks again for your help.


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