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Re: KDE4 / first install and small errors


Additional report: wip/kdenetworks4 checksum fails, even if it use archive to download source code.

Also i see "Warning: Could not start program 'bin/sh' with arguments 'bin/sh'" error message if i would like to click on console after logging in kdm as root --- but i think this is kde bug, nothing to do at packgaging side.


Cem Kayali, 10/11/08 23:24:


My /usr/pkg/etc/kdm/kdmrc has following line


instead of


Well, not really important, maybe somehow my fault though i only modified 'AllowRootLogin=false' line manually. All other lines have /usr/pkg/**** as should be...


Mark Davies, 10/11/08 22:59:
On Saturday 11 October 2008 13:39:11 Cem Kayali wrote:

I have built x11/modular-xorg-server (and some packages Xorg requires)
and then wip/kdebase4 with X11_TYPE=modular. Once i try to run kdm as
service, /etc/rc.d/kdm couldn't not start properly because it searches
for /usr/bin/X and link to /usr/pkg/bin/X was missing under /usr/bin.

I'm not sure why that would be. When I build it my /etc/kdm/kdmrc file has the line "ServerCmd=/usr/pkg/bin/X -br" so it should be running it directly.

After starting kdm as root, i have noticed that all kde icons are
missing and theme was awfull. Then, i installed wip/kdeplasma-addons4
and problem has been fixed. I think, kdebase4 requires a package that it
does not install automatically by default.

You needed kdebase-runtime4, which kdeplasma-addons4 pulled in for you.
I've added the dependency.

PS: /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/dbus has syntax error and it does not
start dbus service... I removed 'done' line and it worked under

fixed, thanks.


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