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Re: KDE4

Thanks for your reply, but as far as i understand you kindly say 'Why not you try and see whether it works, and help us to improve if you encounter with a problem'.

I understand that, but i assume KDE3 and KDE4 are not compatible and KDE4 will modify KDE3 personal (users') settings, that's my concern. In addition to this, besides Linux falovers, i noticed that KDE4 on FreeBSD is almost stable and is in native ports now and i think (and i hope) we will see KDE4 in NetBSD's pkgsrc soon.

Anyway, i will try to install NetBSD onto another partition and will compile KDE4.

Best regards,

Francisco Valladolid, 10/09/08 19:08:
On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 6:17 AM, Cem Kayali 
<> wrote:


I'm interested in KDE4 installation and it seems it is still in wip
packages, so i assume that it is still unstable...

I don't think the same, you must be test it and help to improve it.

You help can be appreciated.

Does anyone use KDE4 on
i386 and/or amd64 machine? If it is almost stable, could it be possible to
see in X11 category soon?

The users help is very useful to KDE4 can be in pkgsrc shortly.



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