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jabber server recommendations

I ran jabberd 1.4 for a long time, and more recently jabberd2 2.1.23.
People are having trouble connecting to jabberd2 with iChat, and it
seems iChat in OS X 10.5 and sasl auth in jabberd2 do not work together,
but I don't know much more.  Recently someone using Adium X 1.3.1 had
people disappearing from his roster, but otherwise it has been mostly
fine.  A colleague set up ejabberd and that seems to work.


  jabberd2 is at 2.2.24, so pkgsrc might need updating, but the jabberd
  folks won't say which versions work and which don't, expecting
  "distributors" to figure that out.  Has anyone tried 2.2.24, or
  updated pkgsrc, or is interested in updating pkgsrc?

  What about ejabberd?  Any recommendations for or against?

My inclination is to move to ejabberd if there aren't comments in
support of jabberd2, since it seems that updating pkgsrc to jabberd2
might be a lot of work.

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