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Re: RFC: Remove of "apache2" package

Matthias Scheler <> wrote,

> Considering that ...
> 1.) ... the Apache foundation advises to use 2.2 instead of 2.0 ...
> 2.) ... upgrading from 2.0 to 2.2 requires none or minimal configuration
>     changes ...
> 3.) ... there have been reports about problems in the "apache2" package
>     in "pkgsrc" in the past which people resolved by using the "apache22"
>     package instead ...
> ... I would like to remove the "apache2" package from "pkgsrc".
> Are there any objections?

We still use apache2 in a production environment with a connection
module which is only available for 1.3 or 2.0. The API between 2.0.x and
2.2 changed totally and the compat APIs disappeared. This API was
developed to help vendors to move their 1.3 modules to a 2.0
installation without too much development. Not every vendor has
developed further and we depend on that module. It's a connection module
to a Java application server from Apache 2.x performs alot
faster than 1.3 plus there are a few configuration options which are not
available on 1.3.

So I would like to see apache2 support in pkgsrc even if the Apache
foundation recommends the migration to 2.2. If needed I'll take the
maintainership as we needed it for daily usage (see: - this apache2 pkgsrc on CentOS 4).


Ulrich Habel <>

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