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Re: skype Failed: "Problem with Audio Plaback"

On Wed, 27 Aug 2008, Jared D. McNeill wrote:

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
Anyone using skype?

Newer versions of skype require a Linux 2.6 kernel with updated libraries for audio to work.

cube@ and I made some progress against skype 2.0, to the point where audio would sometimes work, but our NPTL emulation is still incomplete so it was quite crash-happy.

It appears to require a few things:

 1. Newer libraries (I created a fedora-6 package for this).
 2. The kernel needs to report itself as Linux 2.6.18 or so.
 3. Bunch of new emulated syscalls in COMPAT_LINUX.

        Is anyone else interested in contributing to a bounty for
        getting Skype working under NetBSD? Not that it would be
        more than a thankyou for those doing the work, but I'd
        happily put $50 towards it...

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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