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New support for shared modules in apache22

I have added shared module support to apache22; set
APACHE_MODULES=all-shared to enable it.  It is not on by default.
If you turn this on and already have a configuration, you'll need
to add LoadModule directives for the modules you use.

Matthias Scheler <> writes:

> On 26 Aug 2008, at 18:48, Eric Gillespie wrote:
> > I use the same package in multiple configurations, and only want
> > to load the modules that configuration is using.  I can't be
> > affected by vulnerabilities in code I don't run.
> >
> > When using this option, the default configuration file includes
> > all the LoadModule statements.  If a user with an existing
> > configuration turns on this option, he will need to add the
> > LoadModule directives to his configuration, but I think someone
> > turning this on knows that.
> Well, somebody will get it wrong. But please commit that change
> nevertheless and also bump the package revision.
> If you like you could also send a "HEADS UP" to pkgsrc-users.

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