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Recruitment for platform maintainers of Ruby


Somedays ago, a mail was posted to ruby-list/ruby-talk mailing list.

        Subject: Definition of "Support levels", 1.9.1 supported platforms
                 and recruitment for platform maintainers

"platform maintainers" are required for NetBSD to be supported by Ruby.

    == support levels
    The support levels are "supported", "best effort", "perhaps" and "not
    supported". Note that "Platform has a maintainer" includes "Some of core
    developers always develop Ruby on it", for example, Debian GNU/Linux.

      Officially, fully supported. Ruby will be never released while Ruby
      has errors on "supported" platforms.

      A platform is "supported" when
       * The platform has at least one maintainer. One or more maintainer(s)
         maintains Ruby on it.
       * We can build Ruby for it.
       * We can expect that "make test-all" almost succeed.
       * We have the nightly build&test environment for it.

I'm working on packaging Ruby programming language but I cannot afford
to work on such a maintainer who is care for Ruby programming language

If anyone interesting to be a platform maintainer, please apply!

Takahiro Kambe <>

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