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[PATCH] upgrade rxvt-unicode to 9.05

Attached is a patch to upgrade rxvt-unicode to 9.05.  This patch

- fixes an issue with tic, whose invocation was changed between 8.3
  and 9.05 so that setting `ac_cv_path_TIC' to `no' no longer works
  (but setting it to `:' does work);

- removes the `automove-background' script from the PLIST, since the
  script has been removed from, and its functionality folded into,

- fixes patch-aa to adjust the removal of CXXFLAGS initialization, and
  to delete everything to do with xpm, which no longer arises in the
  configure script;

- fixes patch-ab to adjust the line numbers so that it applies without
  fuzz; and

- adds patch-ac to fix src/fdpass.C's use of socket message ancillary
  data buffers.

I have tested the patch lightly, and it seems to work.  I have never
submitted any changes to pkgsrc before; undoubtedly I have botched
something, so please let me know.

(I am not subscribed to this list, so please cc me in replies.)

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