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Re: mail/p5-Mail-SPF-Query conflicts with mail/libspf_alt

Klaus Heinz wrote:
Rhialto wrote:

/usr/pkg/bin/spfquery fails MD5 checksum
/usr/pkg/bin/spfd fails MD5 checksum

It seems that the p5-Mail-SPF-Query-1.999 package is at fault for
installing extra symlinks.

I think there is no blame for anyone to hand out here :-).
The pkgsrc method for dealing with perl packages containing executable
scripts consists of installation to the 'bin' directory in the vendor
path and then creating those symlinks at install time. The package
doesn't do anything, the automatically created  INSTALL/DEINSTALL
scripts provided by the pkgsrc Perl infrastructure do all the work.
We simply have to declare CONFILICT in the two packages.

I think it's not necessary to declare CONFLICT here. The Perl modules always install their binaries into the "vendorbin" directory, so I think if we just conditionally put the symlink in "bin" into place, then we'll be okay. We just need to modify the perllink script to not overwrite the file in "bin" if it's not a symlink.


        -- Johnny C. Lam

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