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generic NPAPI plugin location (and gnash and firefox3)

(My friend came to my house and later asked my if I had shockwave/flash. 
He had spent some time following the links in firefox and then adobe's 
website but couldn't get it installed.)

Well I have firefox3 installed on NetBSD/amd64 HEAD. I had gnash installed 

So I did:

sudo ln -s /usr/pkg/lib/firefox/plugins/ \

(Note the "3" above.)

Killed firefox. Restarted firefox (clicked the button to reopen the saved 

And it worked. The gnash worked for whatever site my friend was using.

So pkgsrc/multimedia/gnash has:

CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --with-npapi-plugindir=${PREFIX}/lib/firefox/plugins

(I don't know why it is repeated in

We should have a generic plugins directory for Netscape Plugin Application 
Programming Interface plugins.

Then some +INSTALL script fragment that symlinks in place to all supported 
plugins directories for any plugins -- AND ALSO for any application that 
supports plugins.

For example, if you install gnash first, it will copy to:


(Or ns-flash, firefox-bin-flash, seamonkey-bin-flash, etc.)

And then automatically also create symlinks for all supported applications 
(if exists):

If you install something (like konqueror) later, it will create symlinks 
for everything in the ${PREFIX}/lib/NPAPI/plugins/ to new plugins 

I have heard that there are incompatibilities, but haven't seen myself. In 
addition to my example above, in the past I have used same plugins (even 
binary-only plugins) for various netscape, firefox and konqueror etc. If 
there are incompatibilities, a package could list what is support (and/or 
not supported).

Some NPAPI details are at

Any comments on idea?

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